Christopher Murphy

Owner / Main Artist

Owner / Photographer   

I learned long ago, that to not remember my roots and to not appreciate where I came from would hinder where I plan to go. I cherish the lessons instilled in me by my family. I was taught at a young age that respectfulness, fair ethics and good manners are the tripod to which my passions in life rest on. An inherent and still growing love of the arts started with music and developed into a focus on photography in early 2005. In 2010, my appreciation for photography grew towards new horizons and I started my first business with the desire to extend my combined love of photography and courteous nature to my costumers. Since then, after meeting my soul mate, I was able to grow more confidence and experience which would help lead me to  build my second business, Murphy Photography. I feel the relationship between the photographer and the client is a personal and intimate union and I respect the trust that must be placed literally in our hands, for it is not mere pictures that we shoot, but moments, pieces of our client's lives we make everlasting and timeless. Thus, my standards reflect the responsibility of ensuring the quality of pictures; match the quality of the memories made on those special days. 


Kimberly Murphy

Main Artist


Although my primary passion is teaching, having graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2011 with a BA and two teaching credentials, I have developed a love for photography as well. My mother was an avid photographer during my childhood and that sparked my interest in using a camera for a canvas. During college, I began learning more about angles and techniques from a friend who had his own photography company, along with going on photo shoots and assisting with his lighting. In 2010, I met Christopher Murphy and as his love for photography grew, mine continued to as well.  Working with Murphy Photography has taught me more about capturing moments with the camera and has helped me truly develop my skills as a photographer. I was both honored and thrilled to become a member of the Murphy Photography team and be able to continue immortalizing moments with such a talented and inspiring photographer, Christopher Murphy. 


*The Murphy's on their Wedding Day*